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Box solutions:  Hardware & software packages

Workflow server solutions (preinstalled software + hardware)

Integration Server (Job managenet, PDF processing, Imposition creation)
Multipurpose RIP (Proof/TIFF-B/CIP3 output)
All-in-one Server: PDF workflow + RIP + CIP3

Computer-to-plate boxes (preinstalled software + hardware)

CTP-Box: TIFF-B hot-folder based direct output to Heidelberg & Screen Ctp recorders
RIP-Box (PDF, PS, TIFF-B hot-folder based input) for direct output to Heidelberg Ctp recorders
CIP3 Box: PDF-to-CIP3 renderer (optional TIFF-B combiner)

Our software developments

CtP Job Master: TIFF-Data combiner, job manager & archiver for single recorder
CtP Job Server & Archiver for multiple recorders
CIP3 Manager (customizing CIP3 data for a particular printing machine)
TIFF-B Combiner for Hires-Proof of rasterized data and/or CIP3 data generation for printing machines
HotProof: Job manager for colour printers / proofers (PDF, PS, TIFF output)
JDF and data interfaces between different workflows (Prinergy / Esko / Trueflow / Prinect) and management informaton systems (Web2print)

Engineering services & software support

Installation and configuration of full workflow system in all production environments
Online software support: user hotline, software and hardware assistance
Update & Upgrade installations
Remote service worldwide
Know-how & User training (Prepress, JDF, Workflow, Imposition, RIP)
Consulting & problem solutions